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Attorney in Wind Gap, PA

Additional Areas of Practice

Sabatine Law is capable of taking on a wide variety of legal cases. Since 1976, we've been serving the Lehigh Valley and Monroe County from our office in the heart of Wind Gap.

Same-day appointments are available and walk-in clients during our business hours are always welcome. To schedule your FREE consultation, call our local and family-owned practice today.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Law

  • Residential and Commercial Agreements of Sale

  • Land Agreements of Sale

  • Title Searches and Closings

  • Residential and Commercial Leases

We also litigate landlord and tenant disputes, including evictions.

Effective Legal Representation

Business Law

  • Incorporations

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Partnerships

  • Sole Proprietorships

  • Buy-Sell Agreements

  • General Civil Litigation

If you're starting your own business, but unsure which type is right for you, let us know, and we'll help you make that decision. Call today or contact us online to schedule an appointment for your FREE consultation.

Experienced Legal Malpractice Attorney

If you have suffered a financial loss as a result of negligent representation by an attorney, our firm will evaluate your potential claim and advise you of the merits of bringing a legal malpractice claim against the proper defendant(s). Like medical malpractice and other professional malpractice claims, you have two years from the date on which the negligence occurred to file a suit to preserve your claim. You have the right to expect your attorney to provide representation consistent with the standards set by the legal profession.

We believe when an attorney falls short of the standards required of them, the client should not suffer. We will aggressively pursue valid legal malpractice claims on behalf of clients who suffer financial hardship as a result of attorney negligence. If you have suffered financial harm as a result of your attorney's failure to file a case within the statute of limitations, failure to meet court deadlines during litigation, failure to properly draft documents, including wills and various types of contracts, we will help you recover your loss.

We offer to take these cases on a contingency fee basis and will only advise you to make a claim if we believe there is a likelihood of success for you. Contact Sabatine Law today!